Ultimate Farmhouse Grocery List

By Kelly Raabe - October 22, 2021
Ultimate Farmhouse Grocery List

Happy Friday!!!  We have been extremely busy lately and haven't been able to keep up with weekly posts.  I truly love sharing though so I wanted to just pop on here and share something with you that you might find helpful.  Often when you are really busy it can be a real challenge to fit in the things that really need to get done.  For me the task that I find hard and overwhelming is that of getting the weekly groceries and meal planning.

With the high cost of groceries I think it is so valuable to have a true inventory of what is in your cupboards and a running list of what you actually need.  That way you are not buying duplicates and you are focusing on what is essential for making meals for your family.  With that being said we have come up with what we call "The Ultimate Farmhouse Grocery List." 

This is a list of items that we use regularly and really works for us.  We hope it can help you and make the never ending task of getting groceries just a little bit simpler.  I tape my list on the inside of my dry goods cupboard and easily mark off things that I am running out of or will need for a meal that I don't currently have.  Laminating the paper is a great idea so you could just wipe off the items you no longer need and just keep reusing the list.  When I am ready to go to the grocery store I simply take a picture of the list and Voila, just like that I have my grocery list and have skipped the task of writing it all out.  On my phone I can pull up the photo and when I press edit I can cross off the items just like I would on a paper.

Feel free to print out our, Ultimate Farmhouse Grocery List, and see if it works for you.  If you find it is lacking some things that you normally buy feel free to comment below and I can make one more specific for you. Please take note that this is simply a grocery list and does not have most dry goods or baking items on it.  We have compiled a separate list for dry goods and it can be printed from the bottom of this seperate blog post.  

If you are interested in meal planning and keeping within a budget my friend, Gabrielle Beattie, has some really good ideas over on her channel.  She focuses a lot on meal planning, budgeting, and all cash spending.  I am currently trying out her suggestions on cash stuffing categorized envelopes for budgeted spending and saving practices.  Check her out!!!

If you need laminating sheets you can find them here.  And  this is an option for a dry erase marker. 

Happy grocery shopping.  Remember to keep things simple and try to enjoy the process whatever it may be.  Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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