The Farmhouse Kitchen

By Jodie Rhodes
The Farmhouse Kitchen

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When you think of a typical farmhouse, what is something you would expect the kitchen to have?

It's the ready at any given moment ingredients, to provide all that you need to cook from scratch?

Not only is having a full supply a good idea, because the farm is typically far from town or the nearest grocery store, but buying in bulk and having an organized food storage system is a great way to help you remain frugal.

Can you see it?

White walls and wood accents.  Large stocked pantry.  Crates full of your garden harvest. Freezers full of meat....

And then there are JARS!  Jars full of all your dry goods.  It keeps everything clean, safe and sealed.

I have to admit, I am a major jar-oholic!  I do not keep anything in plastic.  If items have been purchased in a box (like cereals), they go straight into a jar.  Not only is it better to store dry goods in glass, it just looks so beautiful!

Well are you ready to transform your kitchen with a touch of farmhouse love?

HERE is a free download of our ultimate dry goods list.  

And HERE is a suggestion where you can buy jars of all sizes.

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