Small Bathroom Spring Refresh

By Kelly Raabe
Small Bathroom Spring Refresh

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My bathroom was feeling a little drab and heavy with the look I had going on.  I mean, I still love the color I used but just needed a fresh look with the snow gone and the outdoors turning green and everything budding.  I wanted it to just feel light, airy and fresh.

Here are 5 simple ways to add a spring touch to your bathroom.

1. Change out the shower curtain.

I switched out my dark blue striped shower curtain for the lighter cream white striped one. What a difference this made in lightening up the overall mood of the room.  This only cost $25 and made a big change and kind of set the tone, so to speak.

2.  Change out the towels.

I have hooks behind the shower wall right when you walk into my bathroom.  I don't own a lot of "good" towels.  You know, the kind you would let your guests use.  So, I decided after 10 years I could justify buying a few new ones.  I opted for a similar look to the shower curtain, light and airy, and came across these ones from Amazon for a really good price.  They are 100% Cotton Turkish Towels and I got 2 of them in the cream color.  You can find them HERE. They are 40" x 70".  Hanging them right when you walk in the bathroom really gives that spa look. 

I also purchased small hand towels which coordinated with the larger ones. They can be found HERE. Unfortunately I think there are only navy available right now.  A comparable set are these ones.

3. Add some greenery.

Since my bathroom is very small, there is not a lot of flat surfaces to work with.  Basically, the only surfaces are the small space beside the sink faucet and the back of the toilet.  I decided to add a small pottery jar with some faux leaves on the sink beside the soap dish and a larger pot of faux succulents to the back of the toilet.  This felt a bit off directly on the lid of the toilet so I added a little stand to raise it.

4.  Peg rack.

I had small hooks on the wall beside the sink for hand towels, but thought adding another peg rack would give me the option to display more things like a hanging mesh bag which I filled with toilet paper.  I also think it would be fun to hang things like a shower scrubber or a dried bunch of lavender.

5.  Pretty soaps

Adding pretty soaps not only smells nice, but is very convenient when you are jumping in the shower.  These add a decorative touch for a small price.  Soaps can come in almost any color and you can choose soaps that go with the "feel" you are trying to achieve.

Here is my Spring bathroom refresh using these 5 simple ways.

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