Simple Shelf Project

By Jodie Rhodes
Simple Shelf Project

Rainy days are for indoor projects. Agreed? I am also very blessed with an easygoing toddler who entertains herself so well, that I am able to get bigger projects done if needed. There is a corner in my kitchen that I have been trying to makeover for awhile, and I finally got it mostly done. I wanted simple, but eye catching farmhouse style. So as usual, white paint and barn wood is my go-to for that. 

I was searching through my outbuildings for what to use for the corner, and I happened to find an old small table in the back of the garage. The top of it was yucky old wood so I removed it and put on some scrap wood I had saved from another project. The little table fit just perfect in the corner. 

Then I scooped some more wood from my barn and cut them for shelves. It ended up being a perfect spot to display my jars! Jars just make me sooo happy haha. I have not done much to my jars yet to make them presentable for display. So, to fix that I spray painted the lids black, and printed off labels. You can get the same labels HERE.

You can really make a huge difference little by little using such simple items. Hope this inspires you to get creative and use what you already have to transform your home! 

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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