Dry Goods & Herb Organization

By Kelly Raabe
Dry Goods & Herb Organization

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I am so excited to be sharing with you my organized dry goods and herb cupboard.

Sometimes I tend to over complicate things and think I can’t start organizing until I have all the proper storage containers for the space I am trying to organize.

Is there anyone else out there like that?

This can cost a lot of money and time spent searching for storage solutions that will fit our particular need. I can honestly say you can get started right now with what you probably already have at home. Some things can be repurposed as food storage and save us lots of money, time and waste. So how do we get started?

Here’s my 6 easy steps:

First step: Empty out the space you want to organize. This way you will clearly see what you are working with and at the same time you can discard any items you no longer use or are expired.

 Second step: See what you have that you can use for storage. For example, do you have any mason jars from past spaghetti dinners, or maybe pretty tea tins that no longer have any tea in them. What about baskets with a flat bottom or small wooden crates. Also, to consider is empty candle jars with an air tight lid or small crocks with lids. Really there are many possibilities.

Third step: Wash and disinfect your new found storage containers.

Fourth step: Organize containers according to what you think will work in them. Obviously bigger gallon size jars, say from previously purchased pickled eggs could be used for larger quantities of dry goods like oatmeal, flour or sugar. Smaller jars could be for dried beans, herbs or spices you use frequently or flax seeds etc.

Fifth step: Fill your containers with your dry goods and herbs. Seal and label so you don’t forget what is in them. I easily printed off free labels online (the ones I used are designed by Emily McDowell and I got them from Worldlabel) and used packing tape to attach them. You could buy labels online but I was trying to keep things very simple, not purchasing more than I needed to. I did purchase small zipper mason jar bags for a bunch of my herbs. This was very inexpensive, but really helped me to fit a lot into a small space. I had a specific little crate that I wanted to use and the medium and small zipper bags fit perfectly. You can find them here:

Lastly arrange in your chosen area in an effective and visually appealing way.

I hope this will provide you with some inspiration and practical ideas for organizing a pantry or dry goods cupboard in your home.

Always remember to keep things simple, use what you have and don’t be afraid to tackle any task or job.

Happy organizing friends.

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